Help Us Make The Lamb Safe and Enjoyable For All

Thu 23 Feb 2023 - 08:30AM

At the start of the season Tamworth FC carried this statement on our website, social media and the match day programme in support of the campaign driven by the FA. Following the appalling events of Tuesday evening we wish to remind supporters of the important measures that are in place to ensure everyone can have a safe and enjoyable experience when attending the Lamb.

We fully support strong action from the FA, and across the National League System to tackle antisocial and criminal behaviours that put all of us at risk. Please remember the following activities are illegal, dangerous, have serious consequences and have no place in our game:

  • Carrying or using smoke bombs or pyros

  • Invading the pitch or entering the pitch without permission

  • Throwing missiles anywhere within the ground

  • Drug use within the football ground

  • Any form of discriminatory behaviour

For everyone’s safety, we will report anyone carrying out these offences to the police, which can result in a criminal record. Anyone who enters the pitch without permission and those carrying or using smoke bombs or pyros will receive an automatic club ban. These measures could also now apply to the parents or guardians of children involved in these activities. This reflects the seriousness of the risks to fans and staff – pyros can burn at 2000 degrees Celsius and cause life-changing injuries, while entering the pitch endangers players, managers and match officials. It also impacts the hard working volunteers, who ensure that our special part of the game continues to run. We know those who commit these illegal acts do not represent the vast majority of supporters. Please work with us to call out the risks.

#LoveFootball #ProtectTheGame


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