Chairman Bob Andrews Speaks to Lambs Media

Tue 8 Feb 2022 - 8:09PM

After a difficult few weeks with performances on the pitch going in the wrong direction, the Board had to make some difficult decisions regarding the management of the club. Lambs Media caught up with Chairman Bob Andrews on Tuesday afternoon to get his thoughts on the current situation and how plans for a new manager are coming along.

Before commenting on plans for a new manager Bob reflected on the past three years with the affectionately known ‘Three Amigos’. “Gary and Andy got off to a great start and were enjoying a lot of success which is why we gave them the job on a permanent basis. "We also brought Tom in to support them because of his past success at this level and his wide range of contacts with players that Gary and Andrew didn’t have. “They created a great work ethic and the players gelled together well. "Things were going great until the pandemic struck and we lost two seasons which I really believe would have seen us promoted. “Sadly things have not gone well at all this season and difficult decisions have had to be made because the position we find ourselves in the league is not acceptable. “We can't get relegated and it must not happen. “We are very grateful for all their hard work and commitment to Tamworth Football Club and they are welcome at the Lamb anytime.”

With Andrew and Gary leaving it was always going to be hard for Tom to stay because a new Manager will want to bring in his own backroom team and players. So as the Board looks to appoint a new manager, what are the main requirements that they are looking for? “The first important job of the new manager is to make us safe, but next season our number one target is to get promoted back into the National League North. The new manager must have experience of this level or higher and bring in the players that will get us promoted. We must get back to the National League North as a minimum requirement.”

Ever since the news came out about Gary and Tom leaving at the weekend, Bob’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing with managers interested in the job. “I am keen to speak to them and find out what they know about the club and how ambitious they are. “Some of them know our club and what we expect already. “It’s certainly going to be busy over the next few days as we decide who we want to shortlist and interview.”

In terms of a timeline for an appointment Bob says that time is of the essence. “In an ideal world it would be great if we could have somebody in for the weeknd, but that may not be possible. “We are very grateful to Scott Rickards and Robbie Banks who have offered their help while we get a new manager in. “They have a lot of experience and will look after the team well.”


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