The Day the Lights Came Down

Thu 21 Jan 2021 - 3:04PM

For just over 50 years the landscape of Tamworth has been dominated by 10 (9 in later years) floodlight columns at the Lamb. The 21st January 2021 marked the end of an era with the dismantling of the old floodlights, which were purchased second hand from Scarborough FC in the 1960s. To mark the occasion here are some before and after views to reveal the difference our new state of the art lights make to the ground. It will be great when we are able to experience them in their glory when football returns to the Lamb. We are grateful for the drone imgaes taken by Mark Harper - Tech-Mark Drone Solutions

View from the Main Stand before ...

And after...

Shed side from Castle End before

And after...

View of Castle End from Cross Street with new lights

And the view of the Castle End from Cross Street


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