Chris Cox Returns

Wed 14 Oct 2020 - 10:26AM

Chris Cox has resigned for the Lambs to add strength to the defence


Cox is a right back with an eye for goal. He joined Stratford in July 2018 from Coventry United where he had been captain since 2014. At United he made 175 appearances and scored 53 goals. Chris was highly rated at United where he was described as ‘an exceptional player, a born leader and a true Coventry United legend’.

Cox joined the Lambs in July 2019 after a successful season at Stratford Town playing under Thomas Baillie, but after an impressive start to his Lambs career playing 14 games, personal circumstances meant that he had to take time out of the game. Speaking to Chris at the Oxford FA Cup tie he said that he is delighted to be back and can’t wait to pull on the red shirt of Tamworth again.

Welcome back to the Lamb Chris!

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