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Tamworth Football Club is proud to offer the opportunity for the youth adults (aged 17+) of Tamworth to train as stewards looking after fans and teams from all over the country.
You may have the opportunity to be trained by Tamworth Football Club through its training partnerships to achieve an NVQ Level 2 in spectator safety.
Please Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a steward at The Lamb.

Volunteer at The Lamb
A long tradition in Non League football, are the match day volunteers that often go un-noticed but are essential to the smooth running of the club.
Volunteers earn the respect and thanks of the Club for their valued support and in turn enjoy free entry on match days and quite often behind the scenes access at The Lamb.
Volunteering at the Lamb is an excellent way to make new friends, build your CV, expand your professional network with new contacts and perhaps even get a vital reference.
Opportunities to volunteer at the Lamb are available all year round; Please contact us if your interested in becoming part of the Lambs flock!

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